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Bradley vs Provodnikov results: Jessie Vargas takes decision over Wale Omotoso in HBO co-feature

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Jessie Vargas retained his "0" tonight on HBO, getting past a very competitive Wale Omotoso in a 10-round welterweight co-feature.

Kevork Djansezian

The battle of unbeaten Top Rank welterweight prospects was a better fight than many anticipated, as Jessie Vargas overcame some early struggles to take a decision win over Wale "Lucky Boy" Omotoso tonight, winning on scores of 96-93, 96-93, and 97-92. BLH had it 95-94 for Vargas, and almost everyone agrees that at the least, the 97-92 card was much too wide.

Vargas (22-0, 9 KO) got himself involved in a bit of a firefight early, which wasn't to his advantage against the bigger, stronger Omotoso (24-1, 19 KO), who had rehydrated nearly 18 pounds up to 164 on the unofficial HBO scales tonight, 10 pounds heavier than Vargas.

Omotoso scored a second round knockdown on a body shot that looked to be mostly blocked, but Vargas wasn't hurt and was able to bounce back. When Vargas had his jab -- his best weapon -- working, he was able to dictate the pace, and Omotoso was seemingly lulled into a sort of temporary hibernation, not throwing enough punches in a fight where, frankly, Vargas was probably considered the "house" fighter.

Neither man looked like a world champion in the making, but both put on a pretty entertaining show tonight, rising to the occasion for the HBO billing. More fights like this wouldn't be unwelcome on the airwaves, I'd say.