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Adrien Broner arrested in Miami on battery charge, mugshot posted

WBC lightweight titlist Adrien Broner was arrested and booked in Miami on a battery charge on Monday, sending out his mugshot on social media networks.

Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Anyone CAN get arrested ... as Adrien Broner learned today ... being booked in Miami ... on a battery charge ... sources have told Bad Left Hook.

But in reality this isn't TMZ, and here's the story: Adrien Broner was arrested and booked at Miami Dade Correctional on a battery charge on Monday, posting his mugshot to Instagram and Twitter before deleting it. David Greisman at confirmed with the Miami Beach police that the arrest was real, and Broner is no longer showing up in their system's search engine.

There are no real specifics on the case right now, but this is one of those things people use search engines to find out, so I sort of have to post about it, and be like ADRIEN BRONER ARRESTED! MUGSHOT! When more comes out on the story, we'll post about it again. It's really that simple sometimes, you know?

Victor Ortiz is on Dancing with the Stars right now.

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