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Andre Berto in California working with Virgil Hunter, no official word on trainer switch

Andre Berto is on the lookout for a new trainer, and has been spotted in the Bay Area with Virgil Hunter's fighters. Will Berto hook up with the reigning Trainer of the Year?

Ethan Miller
Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Virgil Hunter is arguably the fastest-rising name trainer in the sport right now, as his work with Andre Ward has led Amir Khan and Alfredo Angulo into his gym, and might soon see him working with Andre Berto. The former welterweight titlist was in Hayward, California, working out with Hunter's fighters.

Berto has not officially hired Hunter, but the move wouldn't be a surprise. Hunter is a hot commodity and Berto recently parted ways with trainer Tony Morgan, the trainer who has guided his entire career to this point. Berto, like Khan and Angulo, is a very talented offensive fighter who could use some help shoring up his defense. Hunter's work with Ward has gained him a reputation as sort of a defensive specialist, and a guy who can devise a great game plan and get fighters motivated and prepared.

If Berto does go with Hunter, it will be a question of how hard-wired he is to his current style. Angulo will never be a good defensive fighter, and the jury is still out on Khan for the time being, too. Like Khan, Berto has the physical gifts to do a lot of things in the ring, but like both Angulo and Khan, it's a question of whether he can mentally commit to it and rewire himself.

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