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Andre Dirrell off April 12 FNF card

Andre Dirrell is off the April 12 Friday Night Fights card that was (of course) going to air on ESPN2. Don't ask why.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

"The Matrix" Andre Dirrell is officially off of the April 12 ESPN2 Friday Night Fights card according to's Dan Rafael. He was scheduled to face Ossie Duran at the Little Creek Casino Resort in Shelton, Washington. No reason has been given as to why he is suddenly off the card.

Well, uh, that's really all that we know right now. Since no reason was given, we must all speculate. Was it another dreaded "brain injury"? Does anyone know? Frankly, by this point, does anyone even care?

We can blame 50 Cent or whatever but, really, it was Dirrell who made his own bed a while back by deciding to leave Gary Shaw and Al Haymon in what was a massive head-scratcher of a move. That coupled with the hilarious Dr. Shaw-High interview have made him a punchline by this point of his career. It's too bad because the guy has talent. He just doesn't do anything.

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