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Peter Quillin preparing for tough test against Fernando Guerrero

WBO middleweight titlist Peter Quillin isn't looking past Fernando Guerrero, as the two will meet on April 27 in Brooklyn, where Quillin is being positioned as an eventual headliner.

Al Bello
Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Peter "Kid Chocolate" Quillin will make his first defense of the WBO middleweight title on April 27 in Brooklyn, facing Fernando Guerrero on the Showtime-televised Garcia-Judah card. Here are some training camp quotes from Quillin on the fight:

"I'm fortunate to have my fight shown around the world through Showtime and to be going back to fight in New York City where I built my name. There's not too much else in my thought process other than working hard to defend my title belt. Everyone will see me at my best on April 27th because every camp is about getting better.

"I love to challenge myself. I look in the mirror and honestly believe nobody can beat me. I still have a lot to improve, though, and I've gotten this far fighting through a lot of BS. I take what I do very seriously and anybody can see just that by watching what I put myself through at the gym."

"I'm expecting to fight the best Fernando Guerrero. He lost to Brewer but there may have been things going on I don't know about. I respect him but, once we step in the ring, things will be different and I won't have any respect for him, like anybody else I fight. I know he's coming in the best of shape - he'd better - and we're going to give fans what they want to see.

"A lot of guys are told early in their careers that they'll be world champions. All I was ever called when I was young was a juvenile delinquent or criminal. We've both overcome struggles. I'm not saying mine were tougher than his. Struggles make better fighters. He has said that I have power and speed, but I have a lot more -- I'm good looking and tough with balls. I've got the whole package. I want to win this fight as much as my last one."

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