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Rios vs Alvarado II: Brandon Rios says morning sprints have helped his legs, ready for 15 rounds

Brandon Rios says that he's switched things up in camp this time, sprinting in the mornings and exercising more, resulting in stronger legs that have him ready for 15 rounds.

Marcos Villegas, Fight Hub TV: "What do you make of reports coming out that Alvarado's not really training that hard, that he got stabbed and all that?"

Brandon Rios: "I don't believe it, because this is the most important fight of his life again, so of course he wants to prove a point. He's ready. I think the reports are just trying to make me believe it so I don't train hard. It's different, man, because I'm training hard, I'm ready for this fight, I feel stronger, my punches feel harder. I'm ready, man."

Fight Hub TV: "Did you see your special, the Road to Rios-Alvarado? Alvarado had cuts on his face."

Rios: "I'm not really focused on that. I'm focusing on how Alvarado's going to come on the day we fight. He wants to avenge that loss. He wants to get that loss back. He's gunning. He's training hard. Why wouldn't he train hard? It's the biggest payday of his life, but not only that, he knows better paydays are coming up if he wins this fight. We gotta train really hard for this fight. I'm ready. I'm focused."

Fight Hub TV: "Your jab was like a power punch (in sparring)."

Rios: "I've always had a good jab. I just never use it in a fight."

Fight Hub TV: "Why?"

Rios: "I don't know, I get sidetracked and go do what I know best, and that's fight. I dropped Acosta with a jab. I hurt Peterson with a jab. I got a hard jab, but I just hardly use it. I got a good jab all the time, but this camp is different because we've been using it a bit more. I always had a hard jab."

Fight Hub TV: "You're moving a round a little bit, too, you're showing your movement."

Rios: "Yeah, my legs and everything, man, I got great legs right now. I feel great. The camp's been going great. My movement, my legs. I see more movement and I see my legs are stronger, because I've been running in the morning, the sprints and everything. Exercise I've been doing in the morning has been helping me out a lot, man. I feel great."

Fight Hub TV: "That shit sucks, huh? The sprints? It gets hard."

Rios: "It does suck. We do 400 meters, we do 350, we do 250, then 150. We do them all day long. 400 meters is the whole track, sprinting it. I feel great, man. It helps out a lot. I see the difference in my legs, the difference in my movement, it holds up my body, I can move my body."

Fight Hub TV: "Why did you decide to start doing that now for this fight as opposed to earlier on?"

Rios: "It's not me, but this time I wanted to do something different. I want to prove a point. I wanna go out there and show the world a different story."

Fight Hub TV: "You're saying that we're not going to see you do something like Bradley did, fighting outside of your game plan--"

Rios: "Oh, no, no. I have a game plan. I fight, I fight, I fight. I do what I do all the time. In the gym, it's different. I box, I move around, I do everything more. But in the fights, it's not like that. I go to what I know best."

Fight Hub TV: "Do you feel he's going to hold you this time?"

Rios: "Maybe, if he gets in trouble, hurt, he'll probably clinch a little bit more. I think he might try to keep me on the outside, but I'm ready for whatever. I'm ready for 15 rounds. I'm ready."

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