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Julio Cesar Chavez's return: Arum lists Vera, Macklin, and Barker as possible opponents

Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. will return to the ring on June 22 according to Bob Arum. Arums lists Brian Vera, Matthew Macklin, and Darren Barker all as possible foes for his Mexican superstar.

Jeff Gross

Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. will finally return to the ring on June 22 according to Bob Arum. Boxing Scene is reporting that his comeback fight will be televised by HBO and will take place in either Texas or Mexico.

According to the article, Arum listed three main candidates to fight Chavez in June. The first is Brian Vera, a tough, limited fighter probably best known for being the first man to defeat Andy Lee a few years ago. He also owns wins over Serhiy Dzinziruk and Sergio Mora in his last two, and is scheduled to be on ESPN2's Friday Night Fights tonight as well. He's a fan's type of fighter who doesn't know how to be in a bad fight and stays active. I mean the guy can even drag Mora to a watchable fight. That's saying something.

The second is middleweight contender Matthew Macklin. Macklin is likely most well-known for the good showing he gave against Sergio Martinez. He briefly floored Martinez in the seventh before succumbing to the champion's superior speed, conditioning, and accuracy in the 11th round. There had been some talk of him fighting Lee, but that doesn't appear to have led to anything.

The final candidate listed is Darren Barker. Like Macklin, Barker is best known to many for his loss to Martinez. He too did a bit better than expected before being stopped in the 11th round. He has won two fights by stoppage since then.

Chavez, of course, is coming off his own loss to Martinez. He was getting completely outclassed until the final round when all hell broke loose and he floored Martinez. Showing he has as much grit as talent, Martinez lasted to the final bell and took home a wide decision victory. Afterwards, Chavex tested positive for marijuana, the second time he had tested positive for a banned substance in Nevada. He was suspended for nine months and fined a whopping $900,000. Arum has voiced his displeasure with Nevada over the fine, and has suggested not bringing Chavez back there to fight any time in the immediate future as a way of protesting the penalty.

Of the three candidates listed by Bob Arum, who would you like to see as Chavez's comeback opponent the most?

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