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David Haye aiming to regain world heavyweight title, still wants Vitali Klitschko

David Haye says he won't be like Ricky Hatton, and that he's looking to soon regain a world heavyweight title.

Andrew Redington

David Haye says he's not coming back to prove anything, like fellow Brit Ricky Hatton unsuccessfully did last November, but instead to regain a world heavyweight title, and hopefully soon:

"I am just here to win the world heavyweight title back and to do that I need regular fights. I know I've still got it. There were rumblings from Vitali saying he would retire, but then he said he was staying so it is all up in the air who I could fight.

"I'm a couple of fights away from getting myself in a mandatory position and it will put the spotlight on the Klitschkos to fight me. I think Vitali wants to fight me but people around him don't and I know for a fact his trainer doesn't."

Haye (26-2, 24 KO) will return to the ring on June 29, and though an opponent has not been announced, early thoughts are that it will be a sort of tune-up opponent, as Haye, as he says, is looking to force his way into a title shot via a mandatory ranking, which is probably wise given how notoriously difficult he is to negotiate with, which is not a knock on Haye or Adam Booth, just a reality. He has value, and knows it.

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