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Sam Soliman fails drug test, Felix Sturm releases statement

Sam Soliman has reportedly failed his A-sample drug test from his February 1 win over Felix Sturm, calling the upset into question, with Soliman saying he'll fight to clear his name, and Sturm issuing his own statement.

Dennis Grombkowski
Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Sam Soliman's February 1 upset of Felix Sturm in Germany was the biggest win of the 39-year-old Aussie's career, but now that victory is tainted for the moment, as Soliman has reportedly failed his A-sample drug test.

Soliman's team says that he'll fight to clear his name, and manager David Stanley had this to say:

"We are shocked and stunned by media reports made by the head of the German boxing federation, Thomas Puetz, against my fighter," Stanley said. "People in and out of the fight game know Sam (Soliman) has long campaigned against doping in the sport."

The failed test has come from what is being called an "illegal stimulant."

Sturm released his own statement:

"This feels like a movie to me. In my opinion Soliman should do himself a favour, stop lying and confess his wrongdoing. His A-sample was positive and that was confirmed by both the NADA and the WADA. Come on, Sam, stop lying. Or a you trying to tell me that someone slipped you a drug? One that's difficult to find? That makes no sense to me. No sense at all.

"He had a doctor at his side, who was specialized in doping. He told my team about all those different tests I had to do. He knew everything about the matter. I never saw a fighter bringing a doping expert to a fight.

"Soliman has asked his lawyer to look into this. Why does he do that? If he is so sure about his innocence, why doesn't he open the B-sample instead? Come to Germany, Sam, and monitor the procedure. And take your doctor with you, I figure he is an expert on the topic.

"I took so many blood and urine tests throughout my career and they were always negative. I'm a clean fighter and make my tests available for research purposes.

"Sam took a substance that is really hard to trace. That is not something an amateur does. You, or someone close to you, has to know exactly how and what to take.

"In the end, I took all their tests - and he is positive. This is sad for boxing. I hope the IBF does the right thing and that would be to declare the fight a No Contest."

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