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Canelo Alvarez discusses childhood favorite fighters, training for Trout

Canelo Alvarez discusses his favorite childhood fighters as he prepares for his April 20 fight with Austin Trout.

Fight Hub TV: "Who were your favorite fighters growing up?"

Canelo Alvarez: "Oscar De La Hoya, I would watch videos of Muhammad Ali and Julio Cesar Chavez."

Fight Hub TV: "What did you like about Ali, Oscar, and Chavez?"

Alvarez: "I liked Ali's intelligence and how people could not hit him, how he would stick and move. He could do whatever he wanted in the ring. Chavez, his combinations. His combinations to the body and he would just throw beautiful combinations. Oscar, I liked his movement, the way he moved his legs, and his jab. Everyone had their own thing, you know?"

Fight Hub TV: "I noticed that you're trying to work your jab more in the ring, and your defense has gotten a lot better in there sparring. You're able to shoulder roll a lot of the shots."

Alvarez: "Yes, that's right. We try to learn in the ring. The point is not to hurt people in sparring, it's to learn. If a punch gets you, it's to learn why that punch got to you."

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