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Canelo vs. Trout: Canelo says fight is personal, says Mayweather "is not a man of his word"

Canelo says that his fight with Trout is personal and exciting. He also says he let Mayweather dictate the terms of the contract for their potential fight. However, according to Canelo, Mayweather "is not a man of his word".

Josh Hedges

Just a little over a month from now, Canelo Alvarez will be facing Austin Trout in what is a bit of a grudge match due Trout having defeated Canelo's brother, Rigoberto, two years ago in Mexico. Much has been made about this, and if Canelo carries much disdain for Trout or if it simply means nothing to him. Notifight's Fernando Schwartz caught up with Canelo to ask about his feelings toward getting in the ring with Trout.

"Of course is it personal. He is a great fighter, an undefeated world champion, a difficult opponent who won't be easy (to beat). We are excited about that. I'll be ready, and I'll fight him perfectly for the victory. In the fight with Cotto, Miguel did not think before throwing his punches. You have to look for openings, find the punches that work and then plug those holes. In terms of speed, I believe I'm faster than him and it will be a factor that night," Canelo said.

Canelo mentions it is "personal", but doesn't expand on his feeling toward Trout based on him beating his brother. I think Canelo likely realizes that whether it's a grudge match or not, this is very much a real match, not a blown-up (junior) welterweight or anything of the sort.

Canelo then goes on to discuss the negotiations for his much ballyhooed potential fight with Floyd Mayweather. Initially, it appeared Canelo was going to face Trout on the undercard of Mayweather's May 4th pay-per-view event. However, due to Mayweather's apparent refusal to sign a contract dictating that he fight Canelo in September, the Mexican superstar moved away from the card altogether.

"He made all of the terms (in the contract). There was an agreement and he did not sign it. We talked with Golden Boy week after week. He wouldn't sign and I refused to fight on his card. It dragged out week after week. Mayweather decided everything (in the contract), money and everything. The only thing I wanted was to beat him. So I was willing to take a risk with the money (by fighting on his undercard). I just wanted to beat him. He is not a man of his word. Today he says 'yes', tomorrow he says 'no'," said Canelo.

The idea of Mayweather fighting twice in a span of five months seemed awfully far-fetched from the beginning, and it turned out to be just that. Anyways, if both men emerge victorious over the next two months, there's no reason they still couldn't fight in the winter or next May.

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