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Robert Guerrero: Floyd Mayweather is insecure

Robert Guerrero spoke with CSN's Ryan Maquinana about his May 4 showdown with Floyd Mayweather, and about their heated encounter at a Showtime video shoot.

Ryan Maquinana, CSN Bay Arena: "Robert, I know it's just the beginning of training camp, but give us the status on how things are going so far."

Robert Guerrero: "Everything's been going great, according to plan. We're doing everything right. Doing what we're supposed to. Some people get overexcited, 'Oh, it's Floyd Mayweather,' so they start off working all crazy. We're breaking in, doing what we've got to do, and you know, fight night we'll be ready. We'll be ready and peaking."

Maquinana: "You just got back from Vegas, where last Saturday you finally met your opponent for the first time. But your brother Eric tells me you don't get scared of anything. In fact, he told me you once jumped on top of a bull at age nine or ten."

Guerrero: "Yeah, up at the ranch."

Maquinana: "So I don't think anything's going to scare you."

Guerrero: "He actually dared me to jump on it. So I ran next to it and jumped on it and went for a little ride. But yeah, you know, I don't get scared. I don't get intimidated. He tried to intimidate me. He was trying to do that, psychologically get into my head. But I'm ready. I'm ready for him. I'm ready for whatever. The psychological warfare don't work on me."

Maquinana: "Why doesn't it work on you? It worked on Victor Ortiz, it seemed, and a couple of his other opponents. What makes Robert Guerrero so different?"

Guerrero: "I'm a mentally strong guy. With the past experiences I've had outside the ring with my family and everything, we're just mentally strong. You build that. You learn how to handle things in the right way."

Maquinana: "One thing about that confrontation that was interesting was that Floyd at the beginning says, 'This ain't Berto. This ain't Berto,' yet at the same time, moments later he says, 'I don't know who you beat and I don't know who you lost to.' Do you think that's just part of Floyd's persona as far as trying to hype the fight, or does he generally get on your nerves?"

Guerrero: "You know what, Floyd's gonna be Floyd. Everybody should be used to it. You've seen him act like that. He talks, he don't watch film, he don't do this, he don't do that, 'I'm not Berto,' this and that. He comes out, 'You're flat-footed,' I'm like, 'I thought you don't watch film?' It's just one of those things he does, he psychologically breaks guys down like that. What I got from him, he's that type of guy that tries to manipulate your mind by repeating himself, repeating himself, repeating himself, repeating himself, I got this, and the money, blah blah blah, I'm the greatest, I'm the greatest, I'm the greatest, and there's 52,000 people he has following him telling him he's the greatest. To me, that's insecure. I look at it, that's when I back up, I'm like, you ain't intimidating me, man. You ain't gonna intimidate nothing. I'm ready to go. You better be ready to fight. Having your guys around saying you're the greatest and this and that, I roll around with two or three guys, and that's it. They don't need to tell me that I'm the greatest and I'm what I am. I know what I am. I know who I am. And I know what I can do, and I don't need all these people telling me. To me, insecure people need that."

Maquinana: "Another thing that surprised me, I don't know if it surprised you, maybe it surprised Floyd, when you guys went face-to-face, you looked like the bigger man in there."

Guerrero: "I actually was the bigger man. I was the bigger man physically and mentally. I think that's what triggered it off for him to just go crazy like that, to get into my face and try to break me down. He looked at me for a few seconds and just went, 'Ahh!' and just blew up. It don't bother me, though. Big, small, don't matter. You still gotta go out there and fight."

Maquinana: "You are gonna be going away to Las Vegas for a couple months, away from your family, away from your wife Casey, your two kids. Going away from your family, I'm sure that's gotta hurt."

Guerrero: "Yeah, you know, for the first week, week and a half, it's tough, but you get used to it. And you also know what you've got to do. You've got to put your priorities first, and there's always sacrifices in everything. You've got to be able to sacrifice. If there's great things ahead, you gotta make great sacrifices."

Maquinana: "Floyd's number one pound-for-pound. If you pull off the upset here, does that make you number one pound-for-pound?"

Guerrero: "Yeah, you know, according to all the media and the boxing experts, that would make me pound-for-pound the best fighter in the world. The number one guy. But for me it's about being pound-for-pound number one with God. And that's all that matters to me."

Maquinana: "Last question, you're a Christian man. A lot of people are categorizing this fight as David versus Goliath. How many pebbles are in that slingshot of yours?"

Guerrero: "Eight. Right there."

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