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Mayweather vs Guerrero: Promo shoot confrontation begins fight hype

Floyd Mayweather and Robert Guerrero got a little heated at a Showtime promo shoot this past weekend, as they begin to hype their May 4 fight.

Floyd Mayweather: "I slept in today. And I apologize to everyone for being late. I'm not gonna say I won't be late again, because that's not true. But I can promise you this, when I do come I'm gonna have an arsenal of entertainment."

* * * * *

Mayweather: "This is the real deal. 17 years, this is the real deal now."

Guerrero: "This is what I asked for."

Mayweather: "This is what you're gettin'. This is what you get."

Guerrero: "The rawdog. This is the real one."

* * * * *

Robert Guerrero: "Floyd's trying to be Floyd. You know how he intimidates everybody, gets under their skin. 'I never lost, this and that, blah blah blah.'"

* * * * *

Mayweather: "Easy work!"

Guerrero: "You ain't intimidating nobody, bro."

Mayweather: "I don't gotta worry about it!"

Guerrero: "Man, shit."

Mayweather: "I don't know who you beat, I don't know who you lost to. I don't know who you beat."

Guerrero: "Man, bro, you're just wasting time right here talking."

Mayweather: "I don't know who you beat, I don't know who you lost to!"

* * * * *

Robert Guerrero: "Nothing he said got me heated or anything. Because if I get heated, I'm swinging."

* * * * *

Mayweather: "You ain't got nothin' but space and opportunity, you ain't gonna do nothin'."

Guerrero: "I want you to be ready for May 4th, that's it."

Mayweather: "You ain't gonna do nothin', so I'll get how close I want to."

* * * * *

Floyd Mayweather: "We gonna fight May 4th, and I'm gonna be at my best. I can't really say what he's gonna do, but I can always tell you what I'm gonna do. Tune in May 4th."

* * * * *

Guerrero: "Let's do it toe-to-toe."

Mayweather: "However you want it. That's how I'm gonna give it to you."

Guerrero: "Alright, you guys heard that? Toe-to-toe."

Mayweather: "Just like you want it."

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