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Canelo vs Trout: Alvarez has rematch clause, USADA testing in effect

Austin Trout confirmed last night that Canelo Alvarez does have a rematch clause for their April 20 fight, but he does not, and the fighters are being drug tested by USADA.


During his appearance on last night's edition of BoxingScene Radio, Austin Trout said that USADA testing is in effect for his April 20 fight against Canelo Alvarez, and that part of the reason the fight took a while to sign was that Canelo wanted a rematch clause, which Trout's team eventually gave him.

Trout, however, does not have a rematch clause if he loses:

"They didn't want this fight. [It's for] when things don't go their way. That's one of the things we were worried about [with] the contract going back and forth. They wanted options and a rematch and we're like ‘come on, get out of here'. You can have the rematch, that's fine. And of course if the other way happens, say he wins -- which is not going to happen -- there is no rematch clause. So you know, I'm again taking the short end of the stick to get the fight that I want."

Trout (26-0, 14 KO) holds the WBA title, while Canelo (41-0-1, 30 KO) has the WBC belt, which in theory means they're on equal ground. But Alvarez is without question the bigger star and the bigger money man, not because he's done more in his career -- Canelo still doesn't have a win over anyone as good as Miguel Cotto -- but just because, and that's how the cookie crumbles and all that.

Trout and his team have really taken some risks with fights meant to raise his profile and put him into the boxing spotlight, and that's commendable. It's nothing against Alvarez and his team demanding a rematch clause and not giving one the other way; that's just how it's done now. But Trout has in his career traveled to get world title shots, gone to Madison Square Garden to fight Cotto, and now has shown a willingness to, as he puts it, take the short end of the stick to get another really big opportunity. His ambition is very real, and this is the sort of thing you can really only see from a guy who isn't backed by Golden Boy or Top Rank, yet still rarely see it at this level. Trout continues to take risks.

As for the USADA testing, Trout wasn't shy about taking shots at the organization while they were present during his phone interview:

"I've been tested twice and this would be the third. I'm hoping they're testing him and not just destroying results like they've done before. Maybe next time we can get VADA but right now we have to take what we can get with USADA. No offense, guys."

VADA is seemingly the preferred drug testing for everyone except Golden Boy Promotions, which isn't me trying to sound like I know something, because I don't, and I'm no expert on this, but that reeks just a little bit, doesn't it?

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