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Donaire vs Rigondeaux: Fighters keep it brief and to the point at final press conference

Nonito Donaire and Guillermo Rigondeaux are ready for their super bantamweight unification bout on Saturday night, and had little to say at today's final press conference.

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Some press conferences have trash talking, some have absolutely nothing. Today's final presser for Saturday night's Nonito Donaire vs Guillermo Rigondeaux fight at Radio City Music Hall featured brief, to the point comments from the fighters, and one intense staredown that said more than words could have.

That staredown wound up stealing the show, as it went on and on for minutes, with neither man breaking his glare. Even when the promoters tried to separate them, they wouldn't budge.

This fight may not be "personal," like we hear way too often when the fights are anything but personal, but it is clearly one that these guys are taking incredibly seriously. For Donaire and Rigondeaux, this is a big-time fight, a chance to prove who the best man truly is at 122 pounds.

Rigondeaux (11-0, 8 KO) said only, "I don't talk much. I don't say a lot of things. I'm ready, I'm prepared. I will become a world champion once again and unify my title."

Donaire (31-1, 20 KO) responded with his own low-key comments. "We don't doubt Rigondeaux's skills," he said. "We respect his skills."

"This is a point in my career where people are vulnerable. I was Fighter of the Year, I've got a baby on the way. But you'll see the best Nonito Donaire."

A few more presser notes:

  • Bob Arum, who was recently in China, says that in China, where he has been, Chinese people don't know Frank Sinatra or Elvis Presley -- they've literally never heard of them -- but they know who 50 Cent is, and probably Lady Gaga, but he did not ask about her, he just assumes so.
  • Manager Gary Hyde said we will see a "Rigolution" on Saturday. Go forth, and use this to comedic effect forevermore.
  • Rigondeaux had a sweet red jacket, which topped Nonito's swank white jacket, but as @WillyBeamon26 pointed out on Twitter, "Nonito won the jean war with those acid wash joints, just beating Rigo's different color red than his jacket jeans."
  • The undercard fighters all sounded more excited for the main event than their own fights.

The weigh-in will be live on Friday at 2:00 pm EDT, and BLH will have a live stream and coverage of that event. On Saturday, we'll have live coverage of the entire undercard from 7:30 pm EDT, assuming it streams on Top Rank's site, which it likely will, and then live coverage of Donaire-Rigondeaux at 11:00 pm EDT on HBO.

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