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Oscar De La Hoya discusses Garcia, Matthysse, Khan, and situation at 140

Oscar De La Hoya says it's not true that Golden Boy is avoiding a Danny Garcia-Lucas Matthysse fight, but he's also not saying that fight will happen.

Ethan Miller
Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Golden Boy has some intriguing possible matchups to make at 140 pounds, and CEO Richard Schaefer has recently discussed the (frankly unlikely) possibility of essentially staging a tournament that would maybe stretch into early next year.

Oscar De La Hoya commented on that situation, saying that one fight fans want to see (Garcia-Matthysse) is not being avoided by Golden Boy:

"On the 27th, you have Amir Khan against Julio Diaz and Danny Garcia facing Zab Judah. Everything leads to that unification. Everything leads to something. Everything leads to that big prize. Maybe you're going to have Lucas Matthysse against Danny Garcia. Maybe you're going to have Judah against Lucas Matthysse in the rematch. Who knows. It all depends on them inside the ring. All they have to do is fight hard," De La Hoya told

So, I mean, yeah, Oscar sort of says that he'd do Garcia-Matthysse (which he admits many people don't think is the case), but first off, it's not really up to Oscar, and we all know that, and second, he's not really saying that.

The good news, though, is that I'm sort of inclined to believe they'd do it if it totally made sense. If those two both win their upcoming fights, I think that fight will be demanded. Golden Boy may not have really wanted it, but in the end, they did sign off on Canelo-Trout, and Canelo is potentially worth more money than all of these guys combined. It's Alvarez, not Khan or Garcia or Matthysse, who is the true possible future superstar for GBP and boxing as a whole.

This "tournament" idea is probably as likely to actually happen as Schaefer's last ten tournament proposals, which is to say that if happens at all, it will get as far as the lightweight tournament they ran a few years ago, which had one small PPV show and never went anywhere beyond that. But it's not the worst idea. I mean, if in the end, it happens, and we get Garcia-Judah, Peterson-Matthysse, those winners against one another, and then that winner against a possibly revitalized and improved Amir Khan, are you really going to complain?

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