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Canelo vs. Trout: Trout welcomes Mayweather and Martinez as future foes

Austin Trout says after Canelo he would love to get in the ring with Floyd Mayweather Jr. to prove he is the pound-for-pound best in the world. If not him, there are several middleweights he wouldn't mind fighting.


This coming Saturday, Austin Trout faces the biggest fight of his life (though his last one was pretty big too) when he gets in the ring with Canelo Alvarez in front of a huge live crowd in San Antonio and what should be a sizable TV audience as well. The bout appears to have people split down the middle as to who dey r picking. If Trout wins, where does he go from being victorious in such a big event? Who would he want next?

Boxing Scene caught up with Trout to ask him such questions about his future. Here is what the WBA junior middleweight had to say:

"You know there's still plenty of names in the 154 pound division. There's a lot of name, it's a stacked division. And if not 154, we got the middleweights right there that have a bunch of names. (Sergio) Maravilla (Martinez), (Gennady) GGG (Golovkin), and even (Matthew) Macklin and (Martin) Murray and all these guys. I don't think there's a shortage of people to fight," said Trout.

One person Trout would jump at the chance to fight is Floyd Mayweather Jr., boxing biggest cash cow. It's no secret that should Canelo defeat Trout there is a very good chance he would move on to a superfight with Mayweather. Naturally, Trout would like to crash that party the same way he ruined the proposed Canelo - Miguel Cotto fight (despite some people's best efforts to salvage it).

"You know it'd be nice. When we get to that road we'll definitely figure out which way we're going. But I want to be the best. The pound for pound best and who does everybody consider to be the pound for pound best fight now? (Floyd Mayweather) Well then that's where we need to go and get that done as well.

"But you know nothing is going to happen if I don't get passed Saul so we'll cross that bridge when we get there,. Like I said, there are plenty of names. We don't want to wait (as Floyd) only fights once a year. I'm trying to fight more than that. I'm down to fight (Sergio) "Maravilla" (Martinez) who is also on that pound for pound list. I'm down to fight anybody who claims to be the best just to have my own stake as the pound for pound."

Thus far, Trout certainly does not appear like a guy content to fight the minimum. Before signing to fight Canelo for recognition as the world's top junior middle, he beat Cotto in Madison Square Garden in front of a raucous crowd. These are two huge fights for him to do back-to-back (it would be two huge fights for anybody, frankly). I doubt Mayweather would want to have much to do with him if he were to defeat Canelo on Saturday, but who knows? I didn't exactly expect him to get the fight with Canelo either after the way he handled Cotto.

But, of course, he has to beat Canelo Alvarez in front of his adoring fans in San Antonio. In front of three judges that will hear their every scream.

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