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Amir Khan: Fight with Julio Diaz could be one of last in UK

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Amir Khan is fighting in the UK for the first time since 2011 on April 27, and says it could be one of his last fights in his native country.

Scott Heavey

Amir Khan has said it before, but he'll say it again, just with a new fight as the subject. Khan tells Steve Lillis that his April 27 fight with Julio Diaz in Sheffield could be one of his final bouts at home in the United Kingdom:

With the big-money fights now all in the US, where he boxes ­regularly, it could be his last. Because of his wedding next month and then Ramadan, he will not box again until December when he will fight for one of his former world titles.

He added: "It's good to be fighting in ­England again, but this could be one of my last times here."

Khan (27-3, 19 KO) hasn't fought in the UK since a win over Paul McCloskey in 2011, his only fight away from the States since 2009. The 26-year-old Khan has always said in the past on this same subject that he expects the Big Fights to come along soon, and those, as Lillis notes, generally are held on this side of the pond.

Khan also doesn't have the sort of UK support that somebody like Carl Froch does, and now that he's no longer fighting on Sky Sports, there is even less major reason for him to dictate that fights take place at home. He's never seemed uncomfortable fighting in the States, he's promoted by an American company, and he's signed with Showtime, an American network.

The April 27 fight honestly could wind up being his last in the UK for the foreseeable future, as it's expected he'll fight late this year against Danny Garcia, Lucas Matthysse, Lamont Peterson, or even Zab Judah, if Judah were to come out of Richard Schaefer's proposed mini-tournament.