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Bute vs Pascal: Promoters confirm anti-doping program for fight

Promoters have confirmed that Lucian Bute and Jean Pascal will undergo PED testing for their May 25 fight, but they aren't revealing further details.

Scott Heavey

Lucian Bute and Jean Pascal are set to meet on May 25 in Montreal, and promoters at InteroBox and GYM have confirmed that the fight will have PED testing, supposedly similar to the sort of "extra" testing we see conducted by USADA and VADA, but there are no details about who is doing the testing:

InterBox, Lucian Bute, Jean Pascal and Groupe Yvon Michel (GYM) hereby confirm that antidoping tests are in place leading up to their fight scheduled on May 25th at the Montreal Bell Centre. All parties have agreed on all procedures and both fighters have approved the antidoping program.

The program is inspired by the highest standards in the industry and calls for unannounced testing for each boxer before, during and after the May 25th fight.

At the request of the third parties involved in this effort, all procedures and intervening companies shall remain confidential. Both promoters, together with their respective boxers and team members, will not comment further on any aspect related to the program or procedures in place.

I hate to be "that guy," but I'm more than a little skeptical based on this release. I'll just leave it at that. And it should be noted, if you missed it, that Memo Heredia is working with Pascal these days.