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Bute vs Pascal: Sellout expected at Bell Centre, tickets going fast

The May 25 fight between Lucian Bute and Jean Pascal is a hot ticket in Montreal, with promoters expecting a sellout.

Tickets are going fast for the May 25 clash in Montreal between Lucian Bute and Jean Pascal, which isn't unexpected, given the popularity of both fighters and Montreal's standing as one of the most supportive fight cities in the world today.

Co-promoter Jean Bedard expects a sellout, with 15,000 tickets already sold:

"There are 15,000 tickets sold since Thursday. This is excellent and I think we can expect a full house," said InterBox President Jean Bédard to QMI Agency.

HBO will televise the fight, which should not only have some great atmosphere, but with the styles of the fighters and a frenzied crowd feeding them, also has good action potential. When you combine guys who throw punches and a loud, passionate, possibly split crowd trying to shout over one another, great things can happen.

Who are you favoring in this one right now? On paper, it seems 50-50, with both guys still needing to sort of get themselves back on track.