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Fury vs Cunningham: Picks and predictions from the BLH staff

Will Tyson Fury be too big, or will Steve Cunningham's veteran savvy and skills lead him to the upset? BLH staffers pick the winner.


Scott Christ

Logic suggests that Cunningham, giving up six inches of height against Tyson Fury, will have a tough time doing much. But this logic suggests that Fury is going to know what to do against by far the most skilled fighter he's faced to date. Yes, Cunningham, at 6'3" and a lean 210 pounds, is the smaller man, but Fury has been hurt by the likes of Neven Pajkic and Nicolai Firtha. As much as Fury harps on his win over Kevin Johnson like it's some big deal, with some in the lovable UK press going along with that, Johnson doesn't throw punches. Cunningham will.

There's every reason to believe that Fury will stop Cunningham, or he'll simply be too big a man for Cunningham to handle. But I'm going with Cunningham, just because, as he proves evasive and clever enough to continually tag Fury and frustrate the big hothead en route to a decision win. Cunningham by decision.

Tom Craze

While I think Tyson Fury is still a fighter with real limitations, it's hard to fault him too much when he keeps racking up the wins. Cunningham is a solid test for him - while not likely to present much of a physical challenge, he's by far the most intelligent boxer Fury's been in with.

Ultimately though, I think Fury's just too big, too strong. He'd be best advised to abandon the cautious, stand-off style we've seen from him in spurts thus far, and close the distance as much as he can. If he does, I think he walks Cunningham down and wears him down late. Fury TKO9

Kory Kitchen

If these guys were the same height I would probably pick Cunningham in a heartbeat. Of course, that is totally irrelevant so whatever. Fury is going to use his height and reach to its fullest advantage. He will pump out his jab and fire long right hands to keep Cunningham at bay. Cunningham is at his best when he can be in boxer mode (see his rematch with Tomasz Adamek).

But here will need to get close to the bigger man, and that doesn't fit his style. I just can't see him bobbing and weaving his way inside. Fury will control the pace and distance with his jab and land more right hands as the fight wears on. I think a few of them catch Cunningham late, hurt him badly, and end the night. Fury by late stoppage.

Dave Oakes

Cunningham was a very good fighter in his prime, unfortunately, his prime was around six years ago and at cruiserweight. He's still a decent operator but he's never been the biggest of cruiserweights, let alone a heavyweight. In my opinion, the size difference between himself and Fury will be too much.

Cunningham may prove to be awkward early, but as the fight goes on, his 36 year old legs will start to slow and he'll become a sitting target for Fury. Fury isn't a massive puncher but he does hit with authority, and Cunningham hasn't been a stranger to the canvas, although he's always shown tremendous heart by getting up and has never been stopped.

I can see Fury's jab being a vital tool, he's got a significant reach advantage over Cunningham and can control the fight if he can keep the American on the end of it. Cunningham is as brave as they come but I feel he'll struggle to make it to the final bell in this one. He's not got the power to discourage Fury and at some point the big Brit is going to start landing heavy punches, punches of an 18 stone heavyweight. I can see Cunningham being saved by his corner or the referee around the 9th round. Fury by stoppage.

Final Tally: Tyson Fury 3, Steve Cunningham 1.

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