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Andre Berto looking to get back to basics, ready to 'destroy' Soto Karass

Andre Berto says he's focused, hungry, and ready to get back to what he's good at in the ring, as he prepares to face Jesus Soto Karass on July 20.

Ethan Miller

Andre Berto's career isn't where he'd like it to be, with two losses in his last three fights, and now the 29-year-old former welterweight titlist says he's getting his focus back, and he's coming to "destroy" Jesus Soto Karass on July 20 at the Home Depot Center.

From Luis Sandoval at

"[I'm] getting back to the same old Andre Berto man. Being smart and not doing too much of that fancy shit. Hands up and going in there and doing what I do but being a lot smarter. Be a lot more technical in there. Utilizing everything that I'm about. ... Being so talented you feel you can do some of everything. Sometimes a lot of that sh*t gets confusing. Sometimes you just got to stick to the basics and do what you know how to do best. ... I don't care who it is I'm going in there to destroy, going in there to fuck him up."

Berto (28-2, 22 KO) hasn't fought since November, when he and Robert Guerrero beat the hell out of one another, Guerrero taking the win and landing a fight with Floyd Mayweather as a result. Soto Karass (27-8-3, 17 KO) is sort of a "bounce-back" level foe, but the Mexican veteran is tough as nails, too, and always comes to fight hard.

Those still complaining about Berto's past as a Haymon-pushed, HBO darling getting paydays for weak fights are now missing the forest for the trees and all that. At this stage in his career, Berto is a reliable action fighter, very enjoyable to watch in the ring, and that's something that everyone likes to see, isn't it? Berto-JSK should be good, though I understand the mild criticism that it shouldn't be a headlining fight. Then again, Bradley-Provodnikov wasn't an HBO-quality main event, and that turned out OK. Nobody's complaining now.

Berto still doesn't have a new trainer, but tells Sandoval that he's got someone lined up and will make an announcement soon. He decided to part ways with Tony Morgan following the Guerrero fight.

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