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Mayweather vs Guerrero: Canelo Alvarez to attend fight, will Canelo Curse strike again?

Canelo Alvarez will be ringside to watch Floyd Mayweather battle Robert Guerrero on May 4. Will the dreaded Canelo Curse haunt Floyd?

Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

If you're a superstitious short, a little wager on Robert Guerrero might not be a bad idea. Canelo Alvarez, who wants to face Floyd Mayweather next, will attend the Mayweather-Guerrero fight on May 4, which gives Guerrero a better shot at winning, at least in fantasy land.

The "Canelo Curse" struck last year when Alvarez watched from ringside as "next opponents" Victor Ortiz and Miguel Cotto lost to Josesito Lopez and Austin Trout, respectively, leading Alvarez to fight Trout this past weekend. Alvarez won a decision in front of 40,000 fans in San Antonio.

Few expect that Mayweather-Canelo will be the next fight for either of them, but there was a time when nobody thought we'd see Mayweather-Guerrero, too. If Floyd is confident he can shut the kid down -- and Floyd is a pretty confident dude -- then it could happen. There's a metric ton of money in that matchup already. The real hangup might be getting Floyd to agree that Alvarez has a lot more value than someone like Guerrero, the aforementioned Ortiz, or even Miguel Cotto.

Will the Canelo Curse strike again, or is this just a bunch of BS I'm talking about in order to have a post to make about Alvarez going to the fight?

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