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Zab Judah: 'I'm more Puerto Rican than Danny Garcia'

Zab Judah discusses his Saturday night matchup with Danny Garcia, live on Showtime from the Barclays Center in Brooklyn.

I wanted to talk to you first of all about your fight coming up with Danny Garcia. At the press conference, Danny had a few choice words, saying that he was gonna knock you out in four, that you're just another guy. How does that make you feel when he talks like that, yet on the conference call, it wasn't really like that?

"I think Danny's one of those guys like his father. The apple doesn't fall that far from the tree. When those guys get in front of the lights, cameras, and action, that's when they got the most stuff to say. I've been in the game for a long time. I've been known to talk, I've been known to be quiet. I can do it all. For this one, I choose to let him say what he gotta say, because to me, it's his last words. Every champion, every good hero, give 'em their last words. Back in the day when the Indians used to kill people, before they cut their head off, they'd say, 'You got anything else to say? Get your last words out before I cut your head off.'"

With him saying he's the main reason for the draw in Brooklyn, you're not, he has all the fans there...

"Once fight week comes, we'll make a decision. Then he'll really see who got the immediate crowd in Brooklyn. I'm born and raised there. That's idiocy talk to me. When I hear a person from Philadelphia talking about they got more following in Brooklyn than me? I ain't worried about that.' I'm more Puerto Rican than Danny is. I've been all through the hoods of Puerto Rico. I been all through there, tons of times. This kid is new. He's just starting. It's fun, though."

Do you think it's more Danny's dad that barks off at the mouth?

"Yeah, yeah. Like he said, my dad does the talking and he tries to do the fighting. But when you try to do a fight with a fighter that you match up styles with, when you outmatch a fighter, what can you do? Come fight night, Danny will be outmatched. He's not faster than me, he doesn't hit harder than me, he doesn't have better skills than me. He's a kid, and I'm gonna take control of the fight, take control of the situation, and show the world."

Do you think he tries to use his father to get inside fighters' heads?

"That's not gonna work. I think they did it for a couple fights, but now their game plan has been exposed. Once you run into the real of life, you finally get exposed. They ran into the real deal, and we're gonna expose them. To me, they're like Swiss cheese. A lot of holes in 'em. I see right through 'em, all the way, in and out."

For those that don't know, the original date got changed. What have you done differently in preparation for this fight since the postponement?

"I just kept my condition up. As you can see today, I'm ready to go, rocked up, chiseled up. I think I made a mistake last time exposing my pictures on the internet. I think that's what kinda got it -- when they finally seen that my mental and my body and everything was fully prepared, they kinda like, 'We can't go into that fight.' I'm not doing that no more. I'm staying off that internet, off the media."

What do you mean by that? What happened exactly?

"We released some pictures. They got hold of it. I'm not saying they got hold of it, but somebody got hold of it, and they got an opportunity to see. Next thing we know, the fight is postponed."

Do you think it's possible he faked an injury?

"I can't say. I ain't tryin' to -- you gotta watch little girls. They ain't real men, they little girls. Anything I say, they might try to take it and switch it. I don't know what they'd try to do. They might try to sue me."

Speaking of girls, Danny's girl kind of put it on blast on Twitter, what went through your head when you read that?

"Nothin'. Big shout to Erica. We wish her success on her music career. If you're looking for some good management to get to the top, holla at us. I don't know, man. The girl's probably tired. Tired of playing with little boys. Her feelings got involved and she just said what she felt. ... It's neither here nor there, man. The fight is a few weeks away now. We ready. We been ready. We were ready in February. February 9th, I was standing outside of Barclays Center, havin' some fun, I didn't see not one person out there that even knew who Danny Garcia was. We speak about Latin, the Puerto Rican fans, you'll see somethin'. I wanna show you somethin'. I got a special surprise for you. He might think it's a Puerto Rican parade, but they not for you."

Zab, what's been the main focus for this training camp?

"Just to stay focused. Don't lose the focus, because they tried to stretch us out with a little bit of time, in between and take us off our A-game. Just stay focused. Just remember the task that's at hand. It all revolves around April 27th. Nothin' else matters. All the preparation since November 1st all comes down to April 27th. That's it."

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