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Froch vs Kessler II: Mikkel says he'll retire if he loses, trainer predicts a knockout win

Mikkel Kessler vows to retire if he loses "fair and square" to Carl Froch on May 25.

Scott Heavey
Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Mikkel Kessler says he'll retire if he loses to Carl Froch in their May 25 rematch, a statement familiar in boxing, and one that frankly means very little, most likely, but, hey, he said it.

Trainer Jimmy Montoya believes Kessler will win by knockout, though:

"If I lose, I'm going to quit," Kessler told Sky Sports News. "If I lose fair and square I am out of here.

"But I'm not going to lose, I am going to win."

Kessler's trainer Jimmy Montoya says he will abide with any decision the fighter makes but believes the WBA champion will be too strong for Froch.

"Knockout," predicted Montoya. "This is not a fight for a decision. If Mikkel does the things he is supposed to do he will knock him out."

Kessler (46-2, 35 KO) won the first fight between the two in 2010, a highly-competitive and very entertaining fight in Denmark. Froch (30-2, 22 KO) has home field advantage this time.

Just to discuss it, it's not impossible or anything that Kessler will really hang it up if he loses. He's 34, has made a lot of money, has had some nagging injuries over the years, and in all likelihood, has done about as much as he's likely to do in the sport. If he loses to Froch -- he says "fair and square," which is a subtle out clause -- then maybe he really will hang them up. Few fighters really stick to a retirement, though, so even if he announces one, it will take a while before it's really, truly "official."

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