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Martinez vs Murray: Ricky Hatton sees new, "nasty" side to Murray

Martin Murray looks sharp and nasty in training, says promoter Ricky Hatton, who thinks his fighter will end Sergio Martinez's reign on Saturday night.

Alex Grimm

On a media conference call today, promoter Ricky Hatton said he's seen a new side to his fighter Martin Murray, as Murray gears up for Saturday night's fight in Argentina against middleweight world champion Sergio Martinez.

Hatton acknowledged great respect for Martinez, saying he remembers him from his earlier days fighting in England, but said all good fighters see their run end, and he believes that will happen in three days in Buenos Aries.

"I've seen a change in Martin this week," Hatton said. "I've seen a nasty side to Martin Murray. He's not overawed by the occasion."

Hatton continued, "He knows he's got to be aggressive in this fight. As a promoter, I don't want to see the occasion getting to him, and that hasn't been the case. He is brimming with confidence. He's never looked this sharp in sparring. He's got a real nasty streak about him."

Murray (25-0-1, 11 KO) is a big-time underdog, as expected, with Martinez (50-2-2, 28 KO) not only fighting at home for the first time in 11 years, with a massive crowd expected on hand, but also simply considered by most to be on another level.

Murray, as Hatton and manager Neil Walsh both noted, as did Martinez's promoter Lou DiBella, has done well abroad before, though. In 2011, he went to Germany and fought Felix Sturm to a debated draw. Martinez isn't Sturm, but it's a good sign on that front, that Murray didn't crack under that pressure before.

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