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Martinez vs Murray: Full fight video highlights from HBO main event

Sergio Martinez scraped by Martin Murray last night, showing signs of age and deterioration, but holding on to his middleweight crown.

Sergio Martinez retained his WBC middleweight title last night against Martin Murray in front of a huge crowd that braved bad weather in Buenos Aires. Here are some quick highlights from SportsCenter, if you missed the fight, or if you just like clicking on things:

Now, to be clear here, Martinez was not knocked down three times. Had there been three knockdowns in the fight, there would be a lot more outrage about the decision. But he was put down once officially, and there was another knockdown in the fight that was ruled a slip, so ultimately, it didn't happen. The slip ruling was terrible when it happened, and then the WBC actually "reviewed' it with "instant replay," and decided that yes, this clear knockdown was a slip, and congratulations to the wonderful call made by our distinguished referee, who like the WBC only wants the best for boxing, and the most fair outcomes and highest standards.

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