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Martinez vs. Murray: Ricky Hatton feels Murray should be middleweight champion

Not surprisingly, Ricky Hatton feels that his fighter, Martin Murray, deserved to get the decision over Sergio Martinez this past weekend.

Alex Grimm

Martin Murray performed much better than nearly everyone had anticipated Saturday night against undisputed middleweight champion Sergio Martinez. Unfortunately, for the Hatton Promotions contender, it was not quite enough to unseat Martinez and he went home with the losing end of a close unanimous decision. It was a good, legitimately close fight that could have been closely scored for either man. Not surprisingly, Murray's promoter Ricky Hatton was a bit sore after the loss according to World Boxing News.

"I think Martin should be the middleweight champion of the world," a dejected Hatton said. "It was a good competitive fight but there was only one winner for me. When you go into the lion's den you have to rip the title from the champion and although he couldn't finish as strong as he would have liked, Martin was the aggressor. He also scored a knockdown and it should have been two in my opinion.

"i think if one good thing did come out of the fight, it's that we now know that Martin is the best middleweight in Britain as his performance against Martinez eclipsed Macklin and Barker's by a long way."

It's very understandable for Hatton to feel Murray deserved to win. From my couch I scored it for him 114-113, and it truly did appear the slip should have been ruled a knockdown. But what's happened, happened. Murray has once again proven himself to be a good middleweight contender, if nothing else. That has to count for something.

Do you think Murray deserved to win? Who is the top European middleweight contender now? It's getting to be a crowded bunch and, of course, there's also Gennady Golovkin to throw in there. Despite Martinez being on the shelf for a while with a broken hand, the 160 pound division could have some very intriguing matchups in the future.