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Keith Thurman: 'I don't even know who Diego Chaves is'

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Welterweight prospect Keith Thurman is looking likely to face Argentina's Diego Chaves in July, and says he knows nothing about his potential opponent.


Keith Thurman, who gained his notoriety with a few HBO fights over the past year, will be moving to Showtime with the rest of the Golden Boy/Haymon stable for his next bout, said to be in July against undefeated Diego Chaves of Argentina, who holds the interim WBA welterweight title.

Asked about the fight in a Q&A with The RING, Thurman (20-0, 18 KO) said he knows nothing about his potential opponent: What are your thoughts about Chaves?

Keith Thurman: I don't even know who the dude is. Who is the dude? Well, I believe that he holds the WBA's interim belt?

KT: Well, given that information, I think that the fight is a good fight. Like I said, I don't know anything about the dude.

But if he's made it that far in the ring, then I have to say that it sounds like a respectable fight for me to be in. But there's not much out there for me to fight right now.

Everybody is fighting everybody else right now, but I really want to get into the big mix of the division. However, if that's what they have lined up for me next, then we'll go ahead and take care of that business and keep it moving, you know?

Chaves (22-0, 18 KO) has some power and isn't a bad fighter, but he seems a step or two off of real world-level ability, and is probably a small step back from Jan Zaveck, the fighter Thurman dominated on March 9 in Brooklyn.

But it's at least an intriguing fight, as you never know with guys like Chaves -- or Thurman, for that matter -- before they start taking these tests. Guys like Danny Garcia were never overly impressive in their formative bouts, either, but he has succeeded on the bigger stages and become one of the top young fighters out there.