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Deontay Wilder vs Audley Harrison official for April 27, Khan-Diaz undercard

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Deontay Wilder will head to the United Kingdom on April 27 to face Audley Harrison on the Amir Khan-Julio Diaz undercard. If you haven't heard, Audley is 'back,' and this time he's definitely going to deliver.

Jeff Gross

Audley Harrison won a Prizefighter tournament some weeks ago, and as expected, that has given the 41-year-old, 2000 Olympic gold medalist the opportunity to score another payday in a fight of some note, as he'll face American heavyweight prospect Deontay Wilder on April 27 in Sheffield, as the main undercard bout for the Amir Khan-Julio Diaz card.

Harrison (31-6, 23 KO) has had two fairly recent chances on bigger stages, and has absolutely crapped the bed both times, losing in three to David Haye, seemingly only because Haye didn't feel like ending it in one as Harrison stood frozen in the headlights, and then getting stopped in 82 seconds by David Price.

Like Price, Wilder (27-0, 27 KO) is tall and a heavy puncher, and chances are if the 27-year-old from Alabama, a 2008 bronze medalist, gets a big shot in early, Harrison will crumble. Audley has looked positively dreadful in every manner against Haye and Price, carrying himself as if he were completely intimidated by the moment both nights out, and you should be able to tell by his eyes as he comes to the ring on April 27 what sort of state he's in mentally. If he's wide-eyed and blank, expect a short night.

Now, to play devil's advocate here, Harrison is as good as anyone Wilder has faced to date, as the 6'7" "Bronze Bomber" has been crept along as a pro, as he came into the paid ranks still extremely raw and in need of putting on some weight, which he has done. He's been handled carefully, but while you can't read a ton into what he's done so far, that doesn't mean he can't fight.

Audley will have home field, so that's something in his favor. I'd say this is his last chance, but he could get knocked out in 20 seconds, win a couple junk fights or another Prizefighter, and someone would line him up for another one of these fights. He'll be in the sport as long as he wants.