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Team Rios not rushing third fight with Alvarado, want interim bouts

Brandon Rios' trainer Robert Garcia doesn't want to jump right into a third fight with Mike Alvarado, preferring to build the bout with one or two fights beforehand.

Josh Hedges

Robert Garcia doesn't want to see Brandon Rios rush into a third fight with Mike Alvarado, preferring instead that Rios (and Alvarado) take interim bouts to build up the third fight.

This echoes the thoughts of promoter Bob Arum, who has said he wants to wait to make the third fight, which will always be there and be marketable, no matter what else the two fighters do. Alvarado (34-1, 23 KO) beat Rios (31-1-1, 20 KO) on March 30 by decision, after Rios stopped Alvarado in seven rounds last October. Both fights have been instant classics.

"Well the third fight definitely has to happen but we're not pushing for it to be our next fight. These guys can fight one or two fights before fighting each other and just make it a bigger fight down the [line]. I think they both have the potential of doing their own thing for a couple of fights and then build up to a bigger third fight maybe next year or even two years from now; I don't know, that's up to Bob Arum and Cameron Dunkin our manager. But there's no need to do it right away. Brandon wants it right away but Cameron is a great manager and he's going to do what's best for his fighter. Maybe taking two fights before this and then fighting Alvarado sometime next year."

Rios-Alvarado III -- or Alvarado-Rios III, if you prefer, because who cares? -- is going to be a fight that gets fans excited whenever it happens, but Garcia and Arum (and probably Dunkin) are right that it can wait. There's no reason for them to jump back in there together and further shorten their careers. Right now, they're both hot fighters fans want to see. They will want to see them in separate bouts, and then they'll be ready for the rubber match. They could both go 0-3 before fighting each other again, and it would be worth tuning in to see.

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