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Canelo vs Trout: Canelo Alvarez media workout photos and quotes

Canelo Alvarez held a media workout in Los Angeles with Oscar De La Hoya in attendance, as the young Mexican star prepares for his April 20 showdown with Austin Trout on Showtime, from the Alamodome in San Antonio.


"The more intelligent fighter is going to win on April 20. We've mapped out a game plan and we'll stick to it. I've looked back at some of my past fights and I'm critical of how I've performed. I've taken criticism, but all criticism is constructive and I'm taking it all in.

"Because he beat my brother and took his belt, this fight has more meaning. It's personal, because he took something from us. After I win this fight, I'm going to get that belt and I'm going to give it to my brother.

"I'm really excited for the San Antonio fans, as well as all the Mexican fans who will be there supporting me. I'm hoping I can give them a great fight.

"The key for me is patience. I know he'll be ready for me at all times. It's going to be a complicated fight, but I'm prepared for it.

"I'm not concerned about talking about (Floyd) Mayweather or anyone else. I'm just focused on this fight. If he didn't want to sign [to fight me], that's on him. After this fight we will talk about Mayweather and whoever else."


"This is going to be a very physical fight. Austin Trout is legitimate. He is undefeated. He is strong. I think that whoever wins this fight is going to shoot up like a star and go to the next level. It's a tough fight for both. I expect a really, really tough fight.

"What I see is the potential for whoever wins this fight to be a superstar. Not just a star or just a champion, but a superstar. Canelo is on the right path and April 20 is going to show us if he's able to make that jump. Canelo's destiny is in his own hands and it's up to him to win the fight.

"This reminds me when I beat Ike Quartey. Although I did have all the admirers and the fans, I needed that one win to solidify me as a great champion. This is his one moment, but he has his work cut out for him. Austin Trout is the real deal. He's no joke, but if you want to beat the best you have to fight the best. I've said that throughout my whole career.

"I think San Antonio is a great fight town. The fans there have been asking for a great fight. They haven't had a big fight there since Chavez-Whitaker. I fought there, but they haven't had a big, big world championship fight in some time."


"All the training's been done and we are down to our final weeks. We know that Trout is a smart fighter and that he got some invaluable experience against (Miguel) Cotto.

"We're ready for a lefty fighter and focused our training sparring with two very seasoned lefties who provided us with a lot of different looks. They have a lot of similar characteristics to what we are going to see against Trout."


"Canelo is going to fight how he always fights. We aren't going to change just because of our opponent. Of course we've studied all of Trout's fights and we'll be ready for whatever he brings, but we're just going to come to fight like we always do."

Photos by Gene Blevins-Hoganphotos/Golden Boy Promotions

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