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Khan vs Diaz: Julio Diaz says Amir Khan picked the wrong rebuilding opponent

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Julio Diaz says Amir Khan has chosen the wrong opponent as he tries to rebuild his career. The two meet on April 27 in Sheffield, England.

Former lightweight titlist Julio Diaz is a pretty big underdog for his April 27 fight in England against Amir Khan, but the 33-year-old Mexican says that Khan and his team have chosen the wrong opponent for their career rebuilding efforts.

From Sky Sports:

"They think it's a safe fight, for him to come back and rebuild his career and his confidence. He took on Carlos Molina in his last fight, a very small guy with no power, a very straight-forward type of guy.

"He made Amir Khan look good. I'm not Carlos Molina, I'm a veteran, experienced and a very strong puncher. If they chose me for Amir to look great in his hometown I think it's the worst mistake they made.

"I'm coming to fight, I'm trying to rebuild my own career. I'm not just happy to be there, I'm going for Amir Khan."

Diaz (40-7-1, 29 KO) drew with welterweight prospect Shawn Porter last December, on the Khan-Molina undercard, a performance that convinced some doubters that he definitely wasn't done. He looked good with some added weight, and will be facing Khan (27-3, 19 KO) at a 143-pound catchweight. Khan has never fought over 140.

Diaz looked like he had some pop left against Porter, and Khan is, of course, well-known for not having the best punch resistance, or the best defense. While he's reportedly worked hard on defense with new trainer Virgil Hunter, we've yet to see any real evidence of that in the ring. Like Diaz says, Molina was too small and didn't have the sort of power Khan worries about, anyway.

Can Diaz pull the upset? Anyone see it happening?