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Zou Shiming's pro debut draws reported 300 million TV viewers in China

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The pro debut of two-time Olympic gold medalist Zou Shiming reportedly drew close to 300 million viewers on television in China.

Chris Farina/Top Rank

Zou Shiming's pro debut resulted in a win this past Saturday in Macau, and it looks like the business returns will be worth it, too.

The 31-year-old, two-time Olympic gold medalist drew a big live audience, and reportedly came near 300 million live television viewers in China.

Of course, those numbers aren't verified or anything, so this could be like that time that dude said Zab Judah vs Ubaldo Hernandez had 100,000 pay-per-view buys, but it's also not verified as B.S., so hey, take it for what it is and have some fun. 70 TRILLION VIEWERS!

One thing that is clear is that now that he's finally entered the market and it looks like things went well business-wise -- and more important for us, "artistically" with an extremely entertaining card top to bottom -- Bob Arum and Top Rank will be back in Macau, they will go to Singapore, they will be expanding their business in Asia, and that could really mean that Manny Pacquiao's next fight will actually be overseas, unlike the other 10 times we've heard that.