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Mayweather vs Guerrero undercard: Gabriel Rosado smells fear in J'Leon Love camp

Gabriel Rosado and J'Leon Love went nose-to-nose yesterday during the Grand Arrivals in Vegas, and Rosado believes that's because the Love camp is trying to unnerve him.


Gabriel Rosado will open up Saturday's Mayweather vs Guerrero pay-per-view, facing middleweight prospect J'Leon Love, with plans to expose the "Money Team" youngster.

Yesterday, the two got a bit heated at the Grand Arrivals in Las Vegas, with Mayweather Promotions lieutenant Leonard Ellerbe also getting in Rosado's face a bit. The Philadelphia native, who fought valiantly in a bloody loss to Gennady Golovkin in January, believes there's a bit of trepidation on his opponent's side.


"A coward pops off. That's emotions, man. He's showing emotions. They know I'm a problem. That's why they needed to get into my fucking face. They know Love is in a real fight. So if I'm nobody why is Leonard Ellerbe up in my face trying to get me amped up? You are doing that because I'm a threat. I know what you are trying to do. I'm too smart, man. I know what the fucking game plan is. I know what they are trying to do. ... I just know I had two bitch ass motherfuckers talking in my face."

Rosado (21-6, 13 KO) gave up a mandatory ranking for a shot at the IBF junior middleweight title to fight Golovkin earlier this year, and is now staying at middleweight for an opportunity on Saturday for big exposure.

Love (15-0, 8 KO) has talent, but the Michigan native has received mixed reviews as a prospect thus far. While the "Money Team" lauds him as a future world champion, more impartial observers aren't quite so unanimously certain. And Rosado is, without question, the best fighter he's faced to date. So he'll get to prove a little something if he can win on Saturday.

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