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Mayweather vs Guerrero: Floyd not impressed with Guerrero's win over Berto

Floyd Mayweather isn't impressed by Robert Guerrero's past wins, including his November war with Andre Berto.

Bryan Haraway
Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Robert Guerrero's win over Andre Berto last November effectively put him into Saturday night's fight with Floyd Mayweather, but Mayweather doesn't sound particularly impressed by that win, or much of anything else on Guerrero's record.

"I look at certain things like Casamayor going the distance with him at age [39]. Is this guy on the same level as a Floyd Mayweather? Or having a dogfight with Katsidis, and then you've got guys like Marquez knocking Katsidis out.

"He was grappling when he fought Berto. I think Berto's a good fighter, but I don't think he has the movement of a Floyd Mayweather. He don't have the angles I move. I don't think his résumé is like mine. Is Andre Berto a better fighter than Miguel Cotto? Ask yourself that question. Do you think Andre Berto can go the distance with Miguel Cotto? Absolutely not."

This is pretty much par for the course with Floyd promotion. He gives an opponent some half-hearted props for a couple months, then the last one, two weeks before the fight, he dogs their accomplishments in the sport, dogs their ability, and basically tells the public they have no chance. He may, however, mix in a few more of those, "Robert Guerrero has done something right to get here" quotes that he's been so fond of over the hype period.

It's not that he's not being honest here, mind you. This is surely what Mayweather actually thinks, and there's really nothing wrong with what he's saying. I doubt he's pushed someone on the fence into not buying the fight just because he's revealed that he doesn't believe Guerrero to be in his class. I'm just noting that Floyd is a predictable promoter. Taken as it is, though, it's an interesting quote, and reveals, I think, just how little trouble Mayweather actually expects in this fight.

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