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Trainer: Mayweather will only fight Canelo at 147 pounds

According to Canelo Alvarez's trainer, one of Floyd Mayweather's demands for a potential fight is that Alvarez drop back down to 147, a weight he hasn't made in his last 11 fights.


Floyd Mayweather vs Canelo Alvarez may only be a dream, and if Canelo's trainer Chepo Reynoso is telling the truth, "Money" may be trying to avoid it by demanding that the young Mexican star make a weight he hasn't made in three years, or in his last 11 fights, to put it another way.

"Floyd wants every advantage on his side. Among one of the things that is often being stressed is that he wants Canelo at a lower weight. Why would I make my boy sacrifice so much? We proposed an intermediate weight for things to be level for both [fighters], but he refused. Yes we want to fight, but that does not mean [Mayweather] will get everything [he wants]," Chepo said to Erika Montoya.

Let's take this as if it's absolutely true, just for the sake of discussion.

How do we defend that one year ago, Floyd Mayweather barked about how he didn't do catchweights, and didn't demand that opponents meet him at an uncomfortable weight when he faced Miguel Cotto? That fight had the full 154-pound weight limit. Cotto, a former junior welterweight and welterweight champion, held a belt at 154, and Mayweather took it with a convincing if competitive 12-round decision.

Now, I'm not arguing that I think Mayweather is a real junior middleweight. I don't. I think that's been clear against both Cotto and Oscar De La Hoya, another guy who had come up in weight, starting his career at 130 and going as high as 160, where he underperformed and luckily escaped with the decision against Felix Sturm.

The question would be, as stated before, if 154 was OK for Cotto, why is 154 not OK for a fight with Canelo? The answer, using logic and stuff, seems to be that Cotto is smaller than Canelo, which he is. Alvarez (42-0-1, 30 KO) comes in around 170 or so on fight night, whereas Mayweather can't even convince his body to weigh in over 151 pounds as a junior middleweight, and he doesn't put on much at all for fight night. Mayweather doesn't burn a lot of weight -- he's always about the same size.

But it's hard to argue that Mayweather wouldn't be avoiding the fight if this demand is the real deal and not just spin talk from one side, which it could be. You can make the case that he doesn't need to fight at 154, but he has done so, twice. And Alvarez can't make 147 pounds, which we all know. The last time he made that weight, he was four months shy of turning 20. He's about to turn 23. That isn't a major change in a lot of ways, but those seven pounds are a big deal for a fighter at any age, let alone a guy who last did it as a teenager.

And if the demand is real, which will totally kill the hope that the fight will be made, let's go ahead and move past this and talk about fights that might actually happen. None of them are nearly as interesting as Mayweather-Canelo, but we're quickly moving toward that being a dead issue,a nyway.

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