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Floyd Mayweather Sr confirms: Mayweather vs Canelo must be at 147

Floyd Mayweather Sr says Canelo Alvarez will definitely have to come down to welterweight if he's going to fight Floyd Mayweather.

Ethan Miller

Floyd Mayweather Sr, the father and trainer of pound-for-pound king Floyd Mayweather, confirms that Team Mayweather will only fight Canelo Alvarez at 147 pounds, rather than going up to Alvarez's 154-pound weight class.

From Chris Robinson:

"Don't get me wrong, Floyd can beat him (at 154). From what I've seen with Trout, there is no chance of Alvarez whooping Floyd. But the only thing I'm going to say about the weight, the weight can make a difference. It's the only thing that can make a difference. ... We are not concerned about his weight. We are not concerned about how they train, what they do and how he makes the weight. We don't give a damn about them. All we want them to do is come in like we tell them, if they want to get paid."

Mayweather (44-0, 26 KO) calls the shots with his career, and even someone as popular as Alvarez (42-0-1, 30 KO) simply isn't going to dictate anything to him. If the 36-year-old Floyd doesn't want to go to 154, and Alvarez won't or can't go back down to 147, then this fight isn't going to happen. It doesn't sound as if there's any catchweight that could satisfy both sides, either.

So now that we've established that this basically isn't going to happen just yet (eventually, it's probably going to, one way or another), that's pretty much that. If Canelo wants to boil down, it's a risk for him to take. Floyd is not taking the risk of going up

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