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Richard Schaefer: There's no weight issue for Mayweather vs Canelo

Richard Schaefer says that reports of there being a weight issue for a possible Floyd Mayweather vs Canelo Alvarez fight are "bullshit."

Jeff Bottari

Richard Schaefer has taken his standard aggressive stance about the latest "rumors" that make a fight he might be associated with sound like it's not going to happen or isn't that great or whatever, this time getting all up in arms about the Floyd Mayweather camp reportedly not wanting to fight Canelo Alvarez at 154 pounds, insisting instead that the Mexican superstar come down to 147, which few believe he could do while remaining in great shape.

Here's what Schaefer yelled:

"Whoever is talking, discussing or stating that there is a weight issue does not know what they are talking about. This is all bullshit. Let the professionals do their job and the amateurs should stay out of it. It is amazing how people make up all these stories just to see their name in the news. This is how you kill fights and not how you make them."

Still, this is no longer just coming from Canelo's camp. Floyd Mayweather Sr says the fight has to happen at 147, too. You're OK if you keep your skepticism and don't just believe what the promoter says.

Bottom line is, we'll see. I hope Schaefer can get it done. I truly do. It's my No. 1 fight possible fight in all of boxing right now. If there's an issue, let's hope he's the man to deal with it and get the fight signed. If there's not an issue, let's hope he's the man to deal with it and get the fight signed. Because Schaefer is obviously the point man here.

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