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Joe Calzaghe says he would have beaten Andre Ward

Former super middleweight/light heavyweight champion Joe Calzaghe claims that he would have defeated current super middleweight top dog Andre Ward.

Scott Heavey

Joe Calzaghe was one of the best fighters of the previous decade. A long-running WBO 168 pound titlist, Calzaghe became most famous in 2008 when he moved up to light heavyweight and defeated both Bernard Hopkins and Roy Jones Jr. Calzaghe, along with Jones, is widely regarded as one of the absolute best super middleweights of all-time. However, Andre Ward is currently campaigning (well, about once a year now) at super middle, and is making his own run toward greatness. Lately, some have pondered about who would win a matchup between Calzaghe and Ward were the two to share a ring. Calzaghe doesn't hesitate with his stance on the proposed dream fight.

Calzaghe's argument, via Boxing Scene:

"I would have beaten Ward. Like I say, people can judge styles, but I can adapt to every style and mine was harder to hit. I think Ward is good in his comfort zone, but I would have got him out of that and wouldn't have fancied it. It would have been a good fight. There's no ego. It is belief. I think it would have been a chess match," Calzaghe told Sky Sports.

I do agree that it would have been very good fight, but disagree that Calzaghe's style was more difficult to hit. I rarely see Ward take a flush shot, but I recall Calzaghe getting dropped by an old Jones, Byron Mitchell (which was a quick stoppage victory for Calzaghe), and Hopkins. And if it had become a chess match, I don't believe that would have favored the volume puncher, which is what Calzaghe was.

So what do you guys think of the matchup? Say if it were prime Calzaghe squaring off with Ward, who would you take?

I'm sorry. I mean WHO R U PICKING?

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