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Mayweather vs Guerrero: Floyd Sr open to charity fight with Ruben Guerrero, says it won't take him more than two rounds

Floyd Mayweather Sr says he's open to fighting Ruben Guerrero for charity, but that he doesn't think it will happen, and that it wouldn't take him long, anyway.

When you went down and you did start talking to Ruben, what were you telling him?

"I told him I'd whoop his ass. If you wanna fight, any time you want to. Inside, outside. He can't fight, man. His record's 0-7, he been knocked out six times. He gonna tangle with somebody like me? He gotta be out his mind. Crazy."

We talked to Ruben, and he actually brought up that he wouldn't mind fighting you, but for charity.

"What you mean charity?"

For a charity, like a charity fight with you.

"Make sure you let him know, I'll take that."

We talked to him, and he brought it up.

"You tell him I'll take that."

Some other dude: "He doesn't want it, though. He backed up. He came forward, when the initial argument started, and as soon as Floyd went forward, (Ruben) was talking, but he was backing up. Then when he got close to him, he was saying, hit me, hit me. He did not want any altercation."

"He, like, wants me to hit him, then the police grab me, and lock me up. That's what he wants. I can tell you this right here, all you gotta do with him is tell him I'd do that for charity. It ain't gonna take me but a round or two anyway! It ain't gonna make no difference."

Do you feel that, just him doing that, we're seeing other fathers doing that -- Angel Garcia does it a lot. Do you think it's appropriate to have in boxing? People like Ruben outbursting like that, people like Angel Garcia outbursting like that, do you feel that there's a place for that in boxing?

"It shouldn't be no praise for that, man, but I'm just saying, like, you know, when people wanna do things, man, and you got two people that chooses to do it, something like boxing, they can go somewhere else and get it done, go do it, if that's what you wanna do. If you both agree on it, he agrees on it, and runnin' away from me at the same time. He's agreeing up there that he wanna do it, and talking what he wanna do, but he runnin' the other way."

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