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Mayweather vs Guerrero: Ruben Guerrero disputes Floyd Sr's claim of an 0-7 record

Ruben Guerrero says that despite claims by Floyd Mayweather Sr, he never fought as a pro, and that the Mayweather camp is focusing its energy on the wrong guy.

Jeff Bottari

In the continuing saga of two old guys who used to box when they were younger men and now train their sons, who will fight in the main event of a $70 pay-per-view on Saturday, Ruben Guerrero has "fired back" at Floyd Mayweather Sr, who claimed in an interview that Ruben was 0-7 as a pro, laughing off the elder Guerrero's claims of wanting to fight him.

Ruben says he never fought as a pro. There is an 0-7 Ruben Guerrero on BoxRec, a lightweight who fought pro from 1981-85, out of Los Angeles.

"I never fought as a professional. I made some wrong decisions in my life and I'm blessed to be here and be with my son. I don't pay attention to these clowns . These Mayweathers are baby nuts, brother. They got no heart, no balls, no pride. Your punk father, I gave him first shot and he backed down like a punk. ... Clowns, Keep talking about me because you're worried about the wrong Guerrero. My son is going to retire Floyd Mayweather Jr on Saturday night."

I'm sure there will be more to this fascinating, ongoing dispute between two guys who aren't fighting and will not ever fight.

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