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Garcia vs Matthysse '90%' will happen, says Schaefer

Golden Boy CEO Richard Schaefer is highly confident that he'll get a September 7 fight between Danny Garcia and Lucas Matthysse done.


Richard Schaefer, who isn't concerned with Top Rank, has taken another shot at Top Rank, a company that does not concern him and that he doesn't want to talk about all the time, it's, like, enough already, you guys, they'll do them and Golden Boy will do Golden Boy, throwing in the verbal slap with the more useful news that he's dead-set on doing Danny Garcia vs Lucas Matthysse on September 7:

"We are not marinators. I am not into marinating stuff. That's another company, that's not us. I can tell you that when you have the best fight the best - there are no losers. So if Garcia loses to Matthysse or Matthysse loses to Garcia - you know it's going to be a hell of a fight... I would bet on it. If you asked me for my percentage, I would say 90-10."

It's wonderful news that Garcia-Matthysse is a top priority, because it's a great fight and will determine a true ruler at 140 pounds, and will also be the first time that one of Golden Boy's "tournament" ideas actually plays out as planned, with the two of them scoring recent wins that were, in theory, to set up a fight with one another.

(We'll ignore the part where the winner of Garcia-Matthysse supposedly faces Amir Khan. That no longer seems likely. And that's fine, because that was just a money grab bonus section. It had nothing to do with anything otherwise, really. Not that it's a bad fight, just, you know. It is what it is and the like.)

This again puts Schaefer on the spot if the fight doesn't happen. Someone will have to be blamed for that, because obviously the promoter is publicly saying that this is the fight to make. He's also right. It is the fight to make.

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