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Carl Froch 'firing on all cylinders' for Kessler rematch

Carl Froch says he's in top shape for tomorrow's rematch with Mikkel Kessler, and that he'll give his opponent a shock.

Scott Heavey

Carl Froch is highly confident ahead of tomorrow's rematch with Mikkel Kessler, where the British star will look to get a measure of revenge for his 2010 loss in Denmark:

"I am sure Mikkel Kessler knows what he has to do, but I am turning up in the best possible shape I could be in. ... He's in for a shock and a lot of people are going to be in for a shock because I've done the weight and the way sparring has gone, everything has gone well. I am firing on all cylinders. I am sparking."

Froch (30-2, 22 KO) says he's in top shape this time, as opposed to their first fight, where he had the flu or a volcano landed on him or whatever the "I'm not making any excuses, but..." excuse was, I forget exactly. If he wasn't at his best that night, though, and not just because Kessler was difficult for him, then it's hard to see Kessler not being in trouble tomorrow. Froch went 50-50 with Mikkel already, and if they've gone opposite directions since then, Froch has to be considered the solid favorite.

We'll have more on Froch-Kessler this evening, as well as full card coverage tomorrow.

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