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Virgil Hunter: Andre Ward would beat Froch and Kessler on the same night

Trainer Virgil Hunter says Andre Ward would be willing to rematch Carl Froch, but that Froch is a "fool" for wanting that fight.

Scott Heavey

Andre Ward's trainer Virgil Hunter has started talking a lot more lately, and says that Carl Froch is foolish for wanting to rematch his fighter. Ward beat Froch in December 2011 to win the Super Six World Boxing Classic, and Hunter says he could beat both Froch and Mikkel Kessler in the same night now:

"Carl would be a fool to fight Andre. Andre would beat him. In fact, he would beat both Carl and Mikkel on the same night. Andre would knock out both of them. But, if they want to fight us, we would be happy to oblige. It remains to be seen, however, because nobody has made us an offer."

Ward (26-0, 14 KO) hasn't fought since a dominant win over Chad Dawson last September, his only fight of 2012. He underwent shoulder surgery earlier this year, which canceled a scheduled fight against Kelly Pavlik.

Froch (31-2, 22 KO) has won three straight since losing to Ward in Atlantic City, smashing Lucian Bute and Yusaf Mack before winning a decision over Kessler this past weekend in London.

As said before and said here, Ward does sound willing to make the fight, and even travel for it if the money suits him. Whether he can get what he'd want is another story. In a weird way, Froch seems to have more attractive options than Ward right now, in part because, you know, Ward's already beaten him and basically everyone else, and those he hasn't beaten -- Robert Stieglitz and some of the younger guys -- don't exactly get the blood pumping.

Ward is, in a way, of a victim of his own dominance right now. No one disagrees that he's terrific in the ring, but he's so good compared to his peers at 168 that it's almost as if he doesn't really need to fight, or at least, that no one's exactly dying to see him do anything, simply because there's not much of interest for him to do other than go up to 175, which is not in his plans as far as I know.

Considering all that, Ward's best option probably really is a Froch rematch. It's also Froch's most attractive option, but, and I may be wrong here, I think Froch vs Stieglitz, George Groves, etc. would excite more people than Ward against those same opponents.

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