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VIDEO: Fitz Vanderpool comeback boxing rap!

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This video, showcasing 45-year-old Fitz Vanderpool (26-7-4, 13 KO) has made his boxing comeback. I know, you are very excited. The video above is some kind of theme for his big comeback, in which, as I am able to take from the lyrics, he intends to win a world title? I'm not sure.

Anyway, I don't mean to insult Vanderpool's career or life choices or whatever. If he can pass a medical, then fight on, fighter. What I mean to "LOL" at is the song. Also, maybe the camera-breaking punch. Yes. That, too. What I like most about this is that it seems sort of like a group of misguided youths ("youths" used loosely) who have been commissioned to "Sing a Rap" about something with which they are unfamiliar. I don't really care what the real story is, because it's probably much less funny than that. They're probably just nice people who know Fitz Vanderpool and wish him well in his comeback effort. And what's hilarious about that? Nothing, dude.


Anyway, enjoy this video. It is still better than "Hits & Chicks," and that came from the creative minds at a major corporation.

H/T: Corey Erdman