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Paulie Malignaggi: 'At 23, Floyd beat Corrales, Broner beat Rees'

Paulie Malignaggi discusses his reservations about anointing June 22 opponent Adrien Broner before he's proven himself against top fighters.

Marcos Villegas, Fight Hub TV

"You're not sold on Broner yet, huh? You seem like you're not sold on him."

Paulie Malignaggi

"I think he's very talented. I just, um -- at 23 years old, Floyd Mayweather beat Diego Corrales. Adrien Broner beat Gavin Rees. You can't even -- you know, if they gave me a couple guys in the kitchen at the restaurant downstairs, I could fight like Floyd Mayweather, too. I will. I'll use the shoulder roll. I wanna see that against favorable opposition. He's talented. He's good. But I'm a critic. We all have to earn our money. Adrien works hard, but we wanna see him earn it against top guys, because everyone else is earning it against top guys.

"It's not fair in boxing. With Al Haymon, you don't have to fight anyone with a pulse. That's not fair. The rest of us have to fight people with pulses. That's all I want to say. He may be that talented. I think what he's shown is definitely a lot of talent. I wanna see, does he have the character behind that talent? Only skilled, good fighters bring out the fact that you have character or you don't have character.

"When you're as talented as Adrien, you win a lot of fights on talent if the guy's not on your level. Once the guy's on a high level, it takes more than talent and skill, it takes character. I just wanna see if Adrien has the character."

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