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Mayweather vs Guerrero: Angel Garcia disapproves of Ruben Guerrero's trash talk

Angel Garcia says that even though he's known as a trash talker, he wouldn't have gone where Ruben Guerrero went earlier this week.

Ed Mulholland-US PRESSWIRE

Angel Garcia has been brought up a couple times this week as another trash-takling father/trainer, thanks to what we've seen from Ruben Guerrero and Floyd Mayweather Sr at and after Wednesday's press conference, and caught up with him to ask his impressions of what's going on with those two.

Garcia says he wouldn't do what Ruben has done, namely bringing Floyd Mayweather's personal life into the talk by repeatedly calling him a "woman beater":

"When I talk, I talk about boxing, like, what you did in your career. That's what I talk about. I haven't seen what [Ruben said], but that don't have nothing to do with boxing. That's his personal life. I'm not going to talk about what you did in your love life. That's his personal life. That don't mean nothing. ... I won't ever do nothing like that. I won't bring that up, because that don't mean nothing. That ain't got nothing to do with boxing."

I guess it's true, that Angel's trash talk is pretty much centered on boxing. Even when, before Danny Garcia's fight with Amir Khan, when Angel talked about Pakistanis, it was that he never saw a Pakistani who could fight. I mean, it was dumb, and kinda weird, but it was about boxing, technically.

So there you have it: Ruben Guerrero managed to cross a line that Angel Garcia sees as a no-no.

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