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Video: Ricardo Mayorga way overweight for MMA debut, fight will go on

Ricardo Mayorga missed weight by a whole lot of pounds for his MMA debut, but the fight will go on as planned.

Al Bello
Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Ricardo Mayorga, the 39-year-old former welterweight and junior middleweight boxing titlist, will make his MMA debut tonight in Managua, Nicaragua, facing Canadian Wesley Tiffer.

I've seen two listed contract weights, one at 155 and also 160, but either way, he didn't make that weight, coming in at 175.9 pounds. Tiffer weighed 153. The fight, because nobody really cares much anyway, will go on as scheduled.

Here's footage from the weigh-in, including some trash talk and a SHOVE!!!

Never change, Ricardo.

Mayorga's boxing career is basically finished, unless he wants to take low-level fights or serve as an opponent for prospects or something like that -- I mean, Nate Campbell is still traveling around and getting beaten up. This move to MMA is not a surprise, and given his age and the level of seriousness with which he appears to have prepared for his debut, expect nothing of this "career switch." He's not going to be a serious MMA fighter. But he's Mayorga.

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