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GIF: Ricardo Mayorga wins MMA debut with controversial knee to spine

Ricardo Mayorga made his MMA debut last night. Surprise! It was mostly a debacle.

Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Ricardo Mayorga made his rather absurd MMA debut last night in Managua, Nicaragua, winning controversially via stoppage after two rounds.

What made Mayorga's win over Wesley Tiffer controversial was the fact that "El Matador" won the fight basically because of an illegal knee to the spine, but given the sanctioning of this fight, which was allowed to take place despite Mayorga weighing in 20 pounds over the limit, it's hardly any surprise. The entire event was based around Mayorga, and his fight both had to take place, and he certainly couldn't go in there and lose by DQ or something.

Here's a GIF, via Zombie Prophet, of what ended the fight:


Some defenders on the interwebs are like, "Right in the ribs!" which it clearly is not. So chalk this up to yet another ridiculous, bogus MMA fight involving a known boxer. Look out, Georges St-Pierre! Mayorga's a-comin' for ya, no doubt!

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